First go

I’ve been sitting here for days trying to figure out how to start this, so here I go. My intent for this is to track my own journey through life – mainly to document my fitness and health so that I can look back on it in the future, and try to figure out what has worked and what hasn’t. As well as other random musings.

Current stats

Height: 5’6″
Weight: 210.4
Currently reading: Carnivore Code
Current podcast next-3: Timcast IRL, Tom Woods Show, Lehto’s Law
Currently playing: Paper Mario, Xenoblade Chronicles
Goal for today: Get laundry completed
These pics are from July 18th, and I weighed 218 at the time:


I’ve been torn between different workout routines, mainly focusing on various bodyweight fitness programs. I started out trying the recommendations in the book Conbody, by Coss Marte. I wasn’t a big fan of it the first time through – it didn’t seem to have enough online support to explain how to perform the various exercises safely. So instead, I’ve gone to the /r/bodyweightfitness recommended routine. Day one of that was yesterday.
Pair 1: Squat, Scapular Pulls
Pair 2: Romanian Deadlift, Parallel Bar Support Hold
Pair 3: Full Push-up, Vertical Rows, but closer to incline
Core triplet: Plank, side press, skipped reverse hyperextension.

Thoughts: Need to find equipment for the reverse hyperextension. I’d like to make sure I’m doing the Anti-rotation Progression correctly – maybe figure out the Ring Pallof Press. I’d like to do another week at this level, then try advance to the next level of the areas I’m really deficient at – pretty much everything except the squat progression and push-up progression.